Creating Consumer Appeal is Our Strength

We leverage our team of brand marketers, seasoned designers, video editors, media buyers, social media strategists (and more) to bring our partners' content to speak to its target audience.

Our marketing service is scalable to meet your needs.

From key commercial insights on key art and trailer to crafting full-scale marketing plans that save you the hassle of managing multiple vendors, we promise a thoughtful marketing approach to lean into each title's strengths and ensure that plans are executed to allow each title to reach its full potential in the marketplace.

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Creative Services

  • Key Art development for DVD and VOD
  • Digital asset creation & versioning for all platforms
  • Video clips & ad creative
  • Social media content creation

Consumer Marketing Strategy

  • Strategy to reach target audiences
  • Marketing Plan & Execution of campaign tactics
    • Media Planning/Buying
    • Co-op Advertising Plans (Cable and Digital Platforms)
    • Social Media (Paid/Organic)
    • Publicity
    • Influencer/Talent Outreach
    • Grassroots

Retail Marketing

  • Online Retail Sales, Support and Management for all major retailers
    • Product setup and metadata feed management
    • Premium A+ Page design and build
    • Keyword and search term marketing and optimization
    • Inventory management
    • Instore/online program coordination
    • Promotional program creation and management
    • Sales and promotional analytics

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